The Common AI We Use in Our Daily Life

Process of making and use of artificial intelligence

The process of making a machine intelligent so that it can operate, work and even think like human beings are the simplest version of the meaning of artificial intelligence. In our daily life, we use several types of AI services which are making our life easier and convenient.

Billions of dollars are spent on the research of AI technology to make it more advanced and useful. You may be thinking about what are the different types of AI’s that we use?

The voice recognition services like Amazon Alexa or Cortana are the best examples of the (Artificial Intelligence) AI we use in our daily life. There are many other AI services that we need and use in our daily life.

Below are the few examples of Artificial Intelligent services we use in our daily life: –


Siri is the AI service provided by Apple on its devices like iPad and iPhone. This service helps the users to literally do anything with the phone without even touching it.

For example, you can play any music or even make a call by just giving a voice command to the phone. Siri has the capability to adapt and understand the natural language of the users and its one of the best example of machine learning abilities.


Along with smartphones, the use of (Artificial Intelligence) AI has not been adopted in the vehicles also. Tesla is one of the most advanced cars in the field of AI which has got features like self-driving, predictive capabilities and others.

So, till now if you have just fantasized about the Self driving cars shown in the James Bond movies, then you can now experience the same in reality with Tesla.


Cognito is mostly used in customer service cell to help in improving the emotional connections with the customers. With the help of the algorithm of the software, it takes into consideration of speed, pause, volume and other factors of a conversation and gives a report to improve the effectiveness of the same.


It is one of the premium entertainment services which offer different types of movies, series and other videos. Like Netflix, there are many other content-on-demand services which use predictive technology to offer recommended videos or services as per the consumer’s history of use and interests.

Nest (Google)

Google acquired Nest in the year of 2014 for a worth of $3.2 billion. The Nest Learning Thermostat uses the behavior of an individual or family to save energy consumption as per your usage.

The (Artificial Intelligence) AI technology used by Nest helps to learn the kind of temperature you like and does the programming for nearly a week. Along with that, it is designed in such a way that it completely turns off with an absence of any life in the place.

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Pandora is a type of radio service which is used for listening to music. However, the service of Pandora is completely different from the usual radio services. It is also known as the DNA of music as it uses AI to provide the best services.

Flying Drones

The days are gone when you have to depend completely on the postal and courier services. The use of the flying drone has already been started for shipping products from one place to another.

With the help of the AI (Artificial Intelligent), now drones can be used for the purpose of shipping, video-making and even reporting of news.


The use of Google or Apple Maps is very common in our daily life. The maps that we use in our smartphones use AI technology to interpret the different types of data to provide you with real-time traffic information.

Online Ads Services

You may have noticed that when you search for any particular product, then you can get the advertisement of the same in your web page.

This is the AI service use by the Ads Networks which determines and finds out your interests and shows the relevant ads.

Video Games

It is one of the earliest industries which are using the (Artificial Intelligence) AI. You may experience that when you start playing a new game, it is a bit easy to play and even win.

However, slowly when you keep on playing, the level of difficulty increases. This is the AI used by the games to detect the level of the opponent which is suitable as per your experience.

So, these are the few common use of artificial intelligence in our daily life. AI (Artificial Intelligent) has completely changed the ways of our life in the last few decades.

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