Top 10 Richest sportsman in the world (2019)

Watching different types of sports have become one of the most primary entertainments in the world. That is why, in the past few decades, you can find a lot of changes in the field of the sporting industry. Having a career in sports is not an easy job as it requires an immense level of hard work along with talent and skills; however, the career in sports is very glamorous and attractive too. The reward and compensation are very lucrative; however, it is not the same in all types of sports.

Here we will find out about the top 10 richest sportsman in the world 2019. They are not only great in their field of sports but have got a huge bank balance too.

Top 10 Richest Sport Man in the World


1. Vince McMahon (Wrestler), Earning of $3.4 Billion

He was an American professional wrestler and after retiring from wrestling, he became the chairman and CEO of WWE. His net worth is around $3.4 billion and he is the 1,394th richest person in the world.

Vince McMahon, Wrestler - The Sportsman

This is the third consecutive year when he became the richest sportsman in the world. His majority of income comes from the WWE Company.


2. Michael Jordan (Basketball), Earning of $1.85 Billion

The name Michael Jordan is like a brand name of Basketball. Even after retiring from the sports for over 15 years, he is one of the most valuable NBA stars in the world.

Michael Jordan, Basketball - The Sportsman

In his whole career, he has taken a break from the sports several times, but his face value never got reduced in the eyes of the advertisers. In his lifetime, he played for two different clubs and became the NBA champion for 6-times along with becoming the Olympic champion for two-time. As per Forbes Magazine’s study, USD 1.65 billion is the estimated worth of Michael Jordan.


3. Ion Tiriac (Tennis and Ice Hockey), $1.2 Billion

Ion Tiriac - Tennis and Ice Hockey | The Sportsman

This Romanian player made his fame by succeeding in two different sports, i.e. Tennis and Ice Hockey. After retiring from the sports, he owned the Mutual Madrid Open Tennis Tournament and also manages Lucas Pauille who is a professional tennis player. His net worth is calculated to be around USD 1.2 Billion.


4. Michael Schumacher (Formula One), $800 Million

The retired Formula One F1 Driver Legend is in the 4th rank in our list with a total worth of USD 800 million. His has the maximum Grand Prix victories which are still not broken. He even won 7 Formula One World Championship and out of that, he had five consecutive victories.

Michael Schumacher - Formula One (F1) - Sportsman

After the skiing accident in 2013, his net worth dropped from USD 1 Billion to 800 million. However, till now he is considered as the greatest drivers in the race track.


5. Tiger Woods (Golf), $800 Million

Tiger Woods, Golf - Sportsman

Until his personal issues absorbed his career in the sports, Tiger Woods was one of the best golf players in the world. The name Tiger Woods use to be referred to as the synonyms of the sport Golf. He is definitely the most popular and the richest golfer alive in the world.

Along with so many titles, he also got one more added one that is being “Notorious”. These scandals may have affected his game, but he is still the 5th richest sports person in the world.


6. Magic Johnson (Basketball), $600 Million

Magic Johnson, Basketball - Sportsman

Along with having an attractive career in Basketball, Johnson made a huge fortune after retiring from the sport and investing in Movie Theaters, Sports Teams, Restaurants and others. He is also the president of the basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers.


7. Roger Staubach (NFL Football), $600 Million

Roger Staubach, NFL Football - Sportsman

Roger Staubach was the quarterback for Dallas Cowboys and he joined the team in 1969. He played in all the 11 seasons for the team. After retiring from the NFL, he made a great career in the area of commercial estate.


8. Floyd Mayweather (Boxing), $560 Million

Floyd Mayweather, Boxing - Sportsman

Floyd Mayweather is like the next Mohammed Ali of boxing. He has an unbelievable career record of 50 wins and 0 losses in boxing. The boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor in August 2017 was his comeback match and he made a fortune of over 300 million USD from this single match only.


9. David Beckham (Football), $450 Million

He is one of the greatest football players in England. However, along with his playing skills, he was also famous as a model. He played for many prominent clubs like Manchester United, AC Milan, Real Madrid and others.

David Beckham, Football - Sportsman

Along with being a footballer, he is also a model and a businessman. He founded the club Inter Miami in 2014 and is going to join the MLS in 2020.


10. Christiano Ronaldo (Football), $400 Million

Christiano Ronaldo, Football - Sportsman

Another football star in the list. Christiano Ronaldo plays for Portugal and the Italian club Juventus. He is considered as the best football player in the world and has won 27 trophies in his career. Even being 34 years old, he is one of the fasted players of football.

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