Latest trending technology news (2019)

New Technology Evolution in 2019

With the evolution of new technology, we are slowly and steadily moving towards the era of cyborgs. The day is not far away that what we see in the sci-fi movies will be real in life. During the huge 2019 CES convention in Las Vegas, the various elite customer brands showed some of the best and latest technologies which are so amazing that it wowed everyone to get hands on immediately.

However, most of the new techs are yet to be available in the market.

Here is the list of the latest gadgets which will make our life more amazing and engaging: –

Heated Razor from Gillette

This razor perfectly mimics the job of a barber shop. The razor can heat up to 122 degrees and can easily warm the soap and the skin for a luxury shaving. The price of the razor is around $160 and it is soon going to be launched commercially.

OLED TV R9 from LG

What do you think about the technology trends with which you can easily roll down your television and again roll up when you want to watch the TV? Isn’t it amazing? It may look like a fantasy but it is not as the LG Signature OLED TV R9 is a disappearing TV which can be rolled up to a 65-inches screen and roll into a compact box.

The price is yet to be known and you can experience 4K HDR Smart TV watching.

LiveWire Motorcycle by Harley Davidson

The launch of this motorcycle created a wave in the market last year as this is the first of its kind from Harley as it is an all-electric motorcycle. The delivery of the pre-orders is going to be started in August 2019 and the price is started at $29,799

Wall Frame or TV from Samsung

During the CES 2019, Samsung made huge news with its new launch. This microLED is a new set of televisions which are going to provide high-quality picture and performance. The 75-inch microLED TV turns into a wall painting when you are not watching the TV.

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KitchenAid Cook Processor Connect

This is an all-rounder of the kitchen. This product from KitchenAid gave new hope to the people who spend hours in the kitchen or is dependent on takeaway. This is a do-it-all machine which cuts vegetables in your preferred size along with kneading of dough or steaming of food and many others. It is also loaded with 100 recipes with step-by-step instructions through an application.

The price of the same is expected to be around $1000. The release date is not yet confirmed.

Google Glass

With this glass from Google, you will be able to see live feeds on social media, text, Google Maps along with navigation of GPS and taking a photo. The price of the same is likely to be around $1500.

Form 1

The 3D printing is an evolution of technology which we have seen in many of the movies. But it is now no more a fantasy as with Form 1 you can give real-life design to your digital ones. The price of the same is around $2799.

Thus, with this, you can produce your own prototypes without depending on other big companies.

Oculus Rift

This is the beginning of the next-generation gaming as with Oculus Rift you can have the real experience of Virtual Reality Gaming. The headset is so advanced that you will completely feel to be inside a game with this. The best part of this product is that it is available at only $300.00

Leap Motion

The multi-touch computers were not a success as it is a bit tiring to hold the screen for a long time. Using the keyboard while resting the hand is much more convenient.

However, the Leap Motion allows you to scroll the page, zoom, play games and a lot of other activities without the need to touch the screen. Yes, you can control the desktop with fingers only without the need to touch the screen of the PC. The price of the same is just $70.

Also know about the new era of technology which are used in making of foldable phones. There are two best foldable phones will be launched soon which are ZTE AXON M and Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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