Ever wondered that Car will pay for themselves in Future!

In the fast-moving world, there is a race of making money in the public transport sector like how Ola and Uber are on the verge of making the money in this sector, the very famous Entrepreneur Elon Musk has announced that Tesla is to planning to join the lift sharing sector but in a little different way.

Self-Driving Cars from Tesla

Tesla is planning to make their car fully autonomous so that the Tesla drivers can add their cars to an autonomous fleet mode which did not need the presence of the driver. At present, the Tesla car is semi self-driving but they are very keen to work towards on self-driven cars, and this phase will be real very soon after that Tesla car will become autonomous with a simple air software upgrade.

Tesla Self Driving Cars

Once having the autonomous arm the Tesla could begin the ride-sharing services and that is the reason the in future the cars will pay for themselves in the future with Tesla autonomous technology.

One Camera but a multi-tasker in nature

If you are a Tesla owner, the car’s interior camera acts both as disincentive and support. The camera will do the many things for you as there is a long list of advantages to being a Tesla owner and this can be the next big advantage and to the great aspect the Tesla owner will make money from your car while you sleep or you are not in the car doing other stuff.

The advantage of the Autonomous system

The advantages of the autonomous system are that with this you have not to drive your cars, your Tesla car will drive itself in the very perfect way no matter whether you are in a car or just seating inside the car reading the newspaper and your car is running on upon itself.

Tesla Model-S Autopilot Car Software

But presently there some obstacles in the way of an autonomous system which include problems like regulation of safety in cities, navigation in the vehicles.

Scariness in the people

The self-driven car is not in much use as the technology still needs some up-gradation according to the latest survey that a huge group of audience is afraid to ride in a self-driving car.

Due to its authentic and they think that Self-driven cars will kill the people because there was a case of accident when Uber try out autonomous vehicle the car met with an accident by hitting the pedestrian in Arizona , but this is not the big deal as the Tesla Engineers will definitely make a way to deal with this major issue.

Uber was not responsible for that

The local court says that Uber was not responsible for the incident as it was the startup project so there can be some issue with the autonomous cars. But the court gives the judgment that they will execute the experiments the organizations should take care in all possible way so that there are no such incidents.

But the Elon Musk is always known for taking the high risk whether it was Space X experiments, Hyperloop projects, launching the car in the space and many more, therefore it is not impossible to Elon Musk to develop the fully autonomous cars with best features in them.

Also know how Tesla is making the self driven car by the use of Artificial Intelligence application in their automation industry

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