(10) Best Rugby team of the world

Rugby is one of the most popular outdoor sports events in the world. Over 6 million players play the sports across the globe and it has over 2 million registered players. This sport was originated in England and now it has become a popular one in various countries. In this article, you will find out about the all-time best Rugby team and other aspects of the sports.

In this sport, each team plays with 15 players and they carry the ball in their hand and scores by reaching the in-goal area and grounding the ball along with kicking the same. There are several ways to score a goal and the different ways give a different kind of points. The match is played for 80 minutes which is divided into two halves of 40 minutes along with a 10-minute break. The team with the maximum point wins the game.

List of the Best Rugby Team

Although the game was started in England, it is not the best team in the leader board. England does well in this sport but won only one Rugby World Cup 8 championships. Here is the list of the best rugby teams in the world with their points updated as of 20th May 2019: –

1New Zealand92.54
5South Africa84.58
15United States71.71
25Hong Kong58.11
30South Korea53.67

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Rugby World Cup Winners

YearHostWinner ScoreRunner-up
1987Australia and New ZealandNew Zealand29-9France
1995South AfricaSouth Africa15-12 (aet)New Zealand
2003AustraliaEngland20-17 (aet)Australia
2007FranceSouth Africa15-6England
2011New ZealandNew Zealand8-7France
2015EnglandNew Zealand34-17Australia


The next Rugby World Cup will be played in Japan in 2019 and in 2023 in France.

Process of Scoring in Rugby

There are different ways to score in rugby and different points are awarded for the ways. Each team play with 15 players and in different formations which are: –

  • Forwards
  • Front Row
  • Second Row
  • Back Row
  • Backs
  • Half-Backs
  • Three Quarters
  • Fullback

The different positions have different responsibilities like to score a goal or to defend one and to provide the assistance in scoring a goal. This may sound similar to sports football; however, the scoring ways of rugby is completely different than any other sports.

There are four different ways to score in Rugby: –

  1. Try-5 Points: – It is the most common way to score in this sport and also earns the maximum point for the scoring team. Here the players have to ground the ball with his hands in the “in-goal area”. It provides 5 points.
  2. Conversion-2 Points: – After scoring from the Try way, the scoring teams are awarded another opportunity to make another two points. In this, the player has to kick the ball from a part of the ground decided by the referee and the ball needs to be kicked above the crossbar and between the posts.
  3. Penalty Kicks- 3 Points: – When a team commits a foul, penalty is awarded to the other team. It awards 3 points.
  4. Bonus Point System: – Bonus point is awarded to make the game more interesting. Maximum of 5 bonus points can be awarded to the team. It is provided according to the attacks and the most number tries.

So, this is all about the Rugby Union which is one of the major sporting events in the world and is rapidly gaining popularity across the globe.

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