Best Upcoming Foldable Phone 2019 – Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei ZTE Axon M

New Era of Technology – Foldable Phone

Since the launch of Smartphones, it has completely ruled the market and is still ruling. But nearly after a decade, there is something new which can give a tough competition to the market created by smartphones. However, this new technology news and it is similar to smartphones only, but it is just an updated version.

The Best Foldable Phone have become the talk of the town since its launch in the market.

What is a Foldable Phone?

It is a kind of hybrid smartphone which has got a flexible display which can be folded to provide compact storage and you can get access to the larger display by unfolding the same. These foldable handsets allow the users to carry the table-like handsets easily in their pocket or bag.

The foldable phone are similar to smartphones, but they are just a bit bigger and heavier.

The concept of foldable phone came to reality due to the development of flexible OLED displays. This allowed the development of this modern type of smartphones. The OLED flexible display provides better display quality than LCD and they can easily be made on thin sheets of plastics.

These characteristics allowed the development of foldable phones. Now you can find different models of foldable handsets in the market which are slowly capturing the market of the general phone.

Pros and Cons of Foldable Phones

Every new invention comes with its own positives and negatives in the beginning. Slowly after all kind of trial and error, it reaches perfection. Like ways, the concept of the foldable phones has also got its own plus and minus. So, let’s find out about those.

Advantages of Foldable Phones

  • Fit a Tablet in your pocket: – With the Foldable Phone, it is like you can easily put a tablet in your pocket or small bag and easily carry it around. Earlier, you have to carry an extra bag to go out with your tab, but no more with the foldable sets. You can enjoy the entertainment offered by a tablet and enjoy the convenience of carrying as a smartphone provides.
  • Easy Multitasking: – There is no more need to turn off the interesting movie or series that you are watching in your phone to reply to your boss’s message. With the feature to split the screen, you can easily run two separates apps same time without compromising the fun.
  • Bigger the Better: – With the foldable handsets, you can enjoy the movies games or others in a bigger screen and even carry the same with comfort in your pocket.
  • New Opportunities: – The foldable handsets open the gate to the new opportunities. Like now you can easily play games like Battleship or watch videos facing each other. It also provides the option to use one screen to play games and the other for using the controls without compromising the screen size. It is also expected that more and more apps and games will now come up especially suited for the foldable phone.

Disadvantages of Foldable Phones

There are basically two major disadvantages of the foldable phones. The first one is that they are insanely priced and secondly you can still find a hairline crack in the fold when the set is unfolded. We are waiting for new updated and development so that both these issues can be sorted out by the manufacturers.

Available best Foldable Phone in India

There are two Best Foldable Phone handsets which are soon going to be launched in India under this category. One is from Samsung and the other is from ZTE. Let’s find out what they are offering: –

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold - InfoinTrends

Octa Core Processor7.3-inch12+12+16 Megapixel rear camera4380 mAh
Snapdragon 855 ChipsetResolution 1536X2152LED FlashFast Charging
12GB RAMPPI 36210 +8 Megapixel front camera
Dynamic AMOLED

The expected launch date of the handset is May 2019 and the price tag is going to have the amount around Rs 1,40,790.

You can check all features, designs and specification on Samsung Galaxy Fold


ZTE Axon M - InfoinTrends

Quad Core Processor5.2-inch20-MP Primary Camera3180 mAh
Snapdragon 821Full HD displayDual LED FlashQuick charging 3.0

The ZTE Axon M is expected to hit the market by June 2019 with a price tag of around Rs 47,990. Click here to Buy ZTE Axon M Foldable Phone


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