Why 5G Network is more Important than 4G Network

5G Network – Release date

In April 2019, South Korea successfully deployed the 5G network. It is still awaited to be released in other countries across the world and is expected to be launched in 2020 in India. It is the newest type of mobile network which is an upgraded version of the 4G services and is expected to give improved network coverage, data speed and reliability.

With the increasing demand for high-speed internet across the world, there is a need for upgrading the available networks and 5G is expected to provide much better performance than the available one. The 4G network is common in across the world, however, due to the rapid rise of the mobile and internet users, it is expected that 4G will not be able to manage the increasing number of users and that is why 5G is in the trial process for catering the increasing demand.

What is 5G Network?

The term 5G means the Fifth Generation Wireless Technology. It is the upgraded and evolved version from the 4G LTE network. The 5G network is still in the testing phase in most of the countries and is expected to be launched by 2020.

The 5G network promises to provide increased and better services in comparison to the 4G services. It will bring faster speed for better and quick work along with better network services.

How 5G is better and Different than The 4G Network?

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In simple terms, 5G is an upgraded version of the 4G network. So, it is simple that 5G will provide better services than the 4G network.  Here are the few points which make the 5G Network better than 4G. So the difference between 4G and 5G Networks is: –

  • 5G Speed: – The bandwidths speed of 5G is a lot better and 4G. With bandwidth, you can refer to the amount of data which can be uploaded or downloaded in a particular given time. The 5G speed is around 20 times faster than that we get with 4G. This means, with 4G if you download a movie in 1 hour, with 5G you can download 20 movies in the same time span when in highest peak speed.

During the minimum peak, 5G network will give you a download speed of around 20Gbps whereas, 4G gives just 1Gbps. These data are taken from devices which are not moving. During travelling, the data may differ a bit.

  • Prioritize Traffic with Network Slicing: – A lot of times we may not need a high network or data speed and sometimes it becomes very urgent and critical to get the best network services along with data speed.

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With 5G you can prioritize your requirement according to your usage. Like the IoT devices doesn’t need fast speed or higher priority whereas, services like automatic vehicles, remote surgery or manufacturing requites higher speed, low latency. Thus, with 5G you can prioritize the network according to your need which is not possible with 4G.

These are the few major benefits that you can enjoy with 5G networks. The best and accurate data can only be produced after the final release of the service.

Importance of Lower Latency in Real-Time Applications

Lower the latency of the network, better you will get performance. The real-time applications like automatic cars or machines for remote surgery and remote manufacturing requires depends a lot of the network and its low latency for the best performance.

The self-driving cars are the best example of the benefits of lower latency. In self-operating vehicles, the data must be transferred without any kind of lag and the reactions are triggered in real time. During real-time driving, the decisions are needed to be made in a fraction of seconds.

The average latency of the 4G LTE network is around 50 milliseconds and it is expected that, with 5G, this number will increase. The Deutsche Telekom has tested a 3 millisecond of latency with the 5G network, thus it will allow a super fast reaction time to the real-time applications.

What is the 5G launch date?

The 5G is launched only in South Korea till now. The release happened during April 2019. As per the latest updates, there is still a lot of research and analysis going on with the launch of the same. It is expected that the 5G network will be launched by 2020 in almost every part of the world.

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